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Assorted Color Natural Crystal Rough Polished Six-Sided Single-Pointed Smoking Pipes

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Product Information:

Material: white crystal
Production process: Carving
Category: Geometry
Material source: natural
Surface technology: polishing
Hanging form: ornaments
Style: Chinese
Modeling: Geometry
Color: multiple colors
Size:  1. Tiansha pipe,

2. Fish Eye Stone Pipe,
3. Green Dongling pipe,
4. Red and Green Treasure Pipe,
5. Blue Dot Stone Pipe,
6. Snow stone pipe,
7. Tiger Eye Stone Pipe,
8. Lengthened stone pipe,
9. Gold filigree jade pipe,
10. Xiuyu pipe,
11. Opal pipe,
12. Obsidian pipe,
13. Green fluorite pipe,
14. Pink crystal pipe,
15. Lapis lazuli pipe,
16. Blue grain stone pipe,
17. Chrysanthemum stone pipe,
18. Brazilian transparent amethyst pipe,
19. White crystal pipe,
20. Obsidian pipe,
21. Jinsha Stone Pipe,
22. Synthetic turquoise pipe,
23. Rainbow fluorite pipe,
24. Yellow fluorite pipe,
25. Fireworks and stone pipes,
26. Yellow crystal pipe,
27. Dream Amethyst Pipe,
28. Blue amphibole pipe

Packing List:

pipe *1

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