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Grow Light Led Red And Blue Spectrum Plant Grow Light

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Product information:

Input voltage: AC 100-277V
Light effect: red and blue
Number of lamp beads: 288 beads (red light 72 + blue light 24) x3, 360 beads (red light 80 + blue light 40) x 3,432 beads (red light 96 + blue light 48) x 3,504 beads (red Light 126 + blue light 42) x3
CRI: 80+
Lamp bead model: 2835
Lamp holder model: E27/E26
Material: ABS, aluminum
Size: about 9.7x24.5 cm


1. 360-degree multi-directional heat dissipation, fast heat dissipation, high temperature resistance, safe use
2. High-efficiency luminescence, abundant light, more comprehensive exposure to plants, and a wide range of applications
3. The lamp body is fully sealed and waterproof design, safe and anti-leakage
4. Flexible rotating shaft, the angle can be adjusted freely by 90 degrees
5. Select 2835 LED chip to promote plant growth, increase germination rate and survival rate, fast heat dissipation, uniform light, and durable
6. No need to install tools, just tighten the lamp and screw into the E26/E27 lamp holder.
7. With adjustable rope, the height of the bulb can be adjusted according to the growth stage of the plant
8. Choose aviation aluminum, sturdy and durable, strong convection design, reduce lamp bead decay

Packing list:

Grow Lights*1

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