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Purifier Household Reverse Osmosis Straight Drink Pure Water Machine Tap

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Product information:

Product name :10 inch no cover kitchen machine
Filtration accuracy :0.001-0.0001 micron
Applicable water quality: Tap water
Level of filter element :5 levels of filter element
Filter element combination :PP cotton (5 microns) + UDF granular activated carbon + PP cotton (1 micron) + reverse osmosis RO membrane + small T33
Specifications: A: self-suction、 B: pressure type、C:Self-priming and supercharging
Note:If your home is no tap water, you can choose the self suction type of pro, can also be applied to water tanks, buckets, water towers and other no pressure, another pressurized model is a place that must have tap water, that is to say, it must be the least 2 pressure can be used to install the environment is different

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Water purifier*1

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