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Smart Indoor Cannabis Planter Grow Light

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Electrical outlet

Product Details:
Input voltage: 100-240V (V)
Dimensions: 420X190X(200/620) (mm)
Lifespan: 100000 (H)
Housing material: ABS&aluminum
Power: US regulations, European regulations, British regulations, Australian regulations (W)
Colour: Black

1. 12 square planting holes with self-contained water pump, which automatically circulates every 30 minutes.
2. LED lighting system with maximum power of 36 watts, specific plant spectrum, automatic switch light.
3. Touch the veg, flower, pump mode control panel, increase the touch position, and facilitate operation.
4. Adjustable lamp arm, adjustable height 50cm.
5. Increase the water tank, 6.5L capacity

Package Contents:

12 planting cotton + 12 planting baskets + 12 germination covers + 1 power adapter + 1 set of nutrient solution X1

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