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Soilless Culture Smart Hydroponic Planting Machine With Growth Light

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Electrical outlet

Product information:
Material: plastic raw material
Features: breathable, luminous, light-transmitting, not easy to deform, degradable, corrosion-resistant, self-absorbent, durable, water-saving and drought-resistant
Use form: floor-standing
Style: simple

Planting hole position: 9 holes
Product size: 37*12.5*72cm
Number of lamp beads: 68
Lamp bead ratio: red, blue, yellow and white: 4:4:30:30
Light board power: 10W / 18w
Machine power: 18W /20w
Power supply voltage: 12V1.25A/12V2A
Luminous flux: 90OLM
Wavelength: 420-460nn
Blue light wavelength: 420-460nn
Red light wavelength 630-670nn
White light color temperature: 4000K-5000K

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