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15-Hole Hydroponics Machine With LCD

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Electrical outlet

Product information:

Input voltage: 110-240 (V)
Control mode: touch screen/WIFI
Size: 428x245x318 (mm)
Life: 50000 (H)
Shell material: ABS&aluminum


1. 15 planting holes, with water circulating anti dry water burning pump;
2. The maximum power is 36W LED lighting system, which has its own Chinese invention patent plant spectrum, and can turn on and off the light system at its own time;
3. Acrylic highlight control panel, providing planting mode, water pump mode, Fahrenheit/Celsius mode, system setting and WIFI link switch functions;
4. The machine has its own LCD display screen, which provides display data of planting days, mode and ambient temperature;
5. The default water pump of the system circulates once every 30 minutes to provide the cation and water circulation required by plants for a long time, so as to ensure that the water quality is fresh and free from mosquitoes and impurities;
6. Adjustable lamp arm height up to 76 cm (30 inches);
7. Enlarge the water tank, with a capacity of 5.5L. Built in automatic water shortage and shortage alarm system;
8. Smart life and graffiti intelligence can be controlled through WiFi mode, mobile phone remote APP

Packing list:

Product accessories include: 15 planting cotton, 15 planting baskets, 15 germination covers, 1 globally certified power adapter, 1 group of nutrient granules A+B

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